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Free Intro to Qigong: Moving Meditation for 10% more Daily Energy

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This short course will introduce you to a gentle qigong exercise designed to improve your energy levels with just 3 minutes of regular practice 1-2X per day.

What is Qigong?

 Qigong is a type of meditation that typically combines specific movements with a conscious breathing style. It originated in China thousands of years ago and means the cultivation of vital energy, or the cultivation of life-force. It is and was practiced by Shaolin monks and countless others to maintain their energy levels and health in the face of an intense lifestyle. It’s pronounced Chee-gung (Chee as in tea, Gung as in sung).


But I’m not a monk, you expect me to have hours per day to spend meditating?

I don’t have that kind of time either, that’s why this course is ruthlessly efficient. The main meditation lasts around 3 minutes and only needs to be practiced once or twice a day to see lasting improvements in your energy levels.


So what does the course contain?

A guided relaxing meditation called “Welcome to Zen”


A short instruction video on how to perform “Gathering Qi from the Cosmos”.


A guided energising meditation using “Gathering Qi from the Cosmos”.


And a written guide answering common questions about the practice.

All free and available for download.


Okay, How Does It Work?

I’ll give you the mystical and scientific explanation.


Eastern Mysticism: We are surrounded by a life-force called qi, or vital energy, which permeates our bodies and our universe. Buddhist and Taoist monks spent thousands of years perfecting techniques allowing us to tap-in to this vital energy and feed ourselves with this nourishing qi. 


The moving meditation technique taught on this course utilises a specific movement that helps us gather more of this energy and also helps it flow around our bodies better, clearing the blockages that drain our vitality. The breathing technique you learn to combine with the movement helps supercharge this practice by cleansing the energetic meridians inside the bod, helping us to inhale fresh qi and exhale stale qi that is no longer serving us. 


Lastly, by entering the zen state and focusing our mind on our single exercise, we become deeply present and free from fears of the future and regrets from the past.


Western Science: The start of the meditations involve relaxation techniques and sighing sounds to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This lowers your heart-rate, inhibits your adrenaline production, and just sends a general message to your organs and cells that you are safe and can relax. 


The movement of the technique is an expansive gesture which you repeat over and over for three minutes. This kind of expansion tells your hormonal system you are in control, and releases more energising hormones such as pregnenolone and lowers stress hormones like cortisol as a result. If you’d like more details on the effect of expansive gestures on your energy and confidence levels, I’d recommend searching for a well-known Ted Talk available free on YouTube called “Your body language may shape who you are” by Amy Cuddy.


Lastly, the breathing technique you will use throughout the meditation helps keep your jaw relaxed, this in turn relaxes the vagus nerve, reinforcing the feeling of safety for your nervous system. At the same time the gentle breaths help release oxygen into metabolising tissue, offering you more mental and physical energy.

Sounds Dandy, But Who Are You to Teach This?

My name is Brent Sayder. I have practiced multiple mind-body training exercises since my early teen years, including various Eastern and Western martial arts, Calisthenics, Yoga, and Sitting Meditation. But I still struggled with daily fatigue. I began dedicated qigong training in my mid-twenties and found that it massively helped to combat my low energy levels, as well as being fun and time-efficient. 

I qualified as a qigong teacher in 2018 and have been teaching groups and private one-to-one students both live and virtually since that time and have seen great improvements in their energy levels and contentment with life since.


If This Qigong Thing is So Great, So Transformational, Why Are You Giving It Away for Free?

You know why. We live in the attention economy and I want to give you a brief demonstration of what I am teaching and how I am teaching to see if it resonates with you. And if it does, perhaps you will be inclined to buy a paid course or book private lessons from me in the future. But if not, just spreading a bit more relaxation and vital energy in the world makes it a more enjoyable world for me to live in as well as you

Me teaching a class at a Qigong retreat in Costa Rica 2019 alongside fellow teacher Glenda Van Koot.



Are You Trying to Trick Me?

No. There is a sales technique known as reciprocity, where you give someone something small and ask for something bigger in return. Hare Krishnas were famous for offering people a flower and then asking for a donation. 

But that won’t work on you. 

I could say it’s because you’re such a smart and strong-willed individual that you can see right through me and would never fall for such obvious manipulation. And maybe you are, (another technique where you like me more because I’ve flattered you, no matter how insincere you think I am), but reciprocity won’t work here because the internet gives you a lot of distance. It’s hard to turn down a person who’s just given you something face to face, but we’re so used to expecting everything online to be free that you’re not going to feel any pressure to give me anything in return, no matter how useful this course is for you.

Qigong is more than just a product to me, it is something that has been transformational in my life. I prefer students who resonate with this art too, this free course offers you a risk-free way of finding out if that’s you.


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This short course aims to introduce you to the basics of qigong and teach you connect your mind with your breath and your movement in a way that produces a tranquil energy. You can download the material to practice with even if your Internet connection gets disrupted at any point.

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Free Intro to Qigong: Moving Meditation for 10% more Daily Energy

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